MOST boxers do not call you out.  Diaz has been calling you out for the last couple of fights.  How do you feel about that?  Do you get annoyed?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  When you are at the top of the division, everyone wants to fight the guy at the top, especially when they can get their name out there to boost their ratings.  I didn’t take it as nothing really.

So it didn’t take much to get the fight done?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  Yes, of course, I never ran away from any challenge.  He’s got the skills, he’s a good fighter, he is an Olympic gold medallist and this is the fight that a lot of people were calling for, and we are here now.

Diaz lost a razor close decision to Peterson that a lot of people thought he won.  Did you see the fight and what did you think?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  It was a real close fight.  Lamont was the favorite in that fight and he did what he had to do to get the job done, and this fight could be different.

Is Diaz the type of opponent that can bring out the best in you?  Unlike Molina and Postol, do you think Diaz can give you a better challenge?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  We shall see.  A lot of people look at the fights and ask who will bring out the best in Terence Crawford, who is going to bring out this in Terence Crawford – we want to see Terence Crawford in these types of fights.  But again, I make my adjustments and it’s just that.  So we are going to have to see how the fight is going to go or what is going to happen.  I just fight the fight.

terence crawford

Bob, what are your thoughts about going up against Diaz, and maybe he is the guy that can bring out the best in Terence?

BOB ARUM:  Felix Diaz in an Olympic gold medallist and that means something.  A gold medallist has a lot of confidence and a lot of credentials and ability.  I am delighted that he stepped up to the plate.  His promoter Lou DiBella was very helpful in making the fight and very cooperative.  It is going to be a terrific fight for the fans and Terence only wants to fight the best.  Whoever is the best that steps up is the one Terence is going to fight.  Terence has never ducked anybody.  The whole time he has been with Top Rank he has never ducked an opponent.  It’s not a question of matching him correctly.  It’s not a question of being cautious.  Terence will fight anybody who steps up to the plate.

Are you looking forward to the day where you get in a big like, a la Chavez-Taylor or Hagler-Hearns where you have to dig deep?  Would you like that kind of fight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  That’s what training is for.  That’s what you train hard for.  That’s what you prepare for because again, you never know what is going to happen in the ring.  You have to prepare yourself for whatever your opponent might bring.  I am prepared to go to hell and back to get the win.  I train to prepare for whatever.

Even though Diaz is a gold medallist – there have been many Gold medallists before him that didn’t make it as a pro such as Gamboa – do you think he can bring this out of you?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  We have to see.  Like I said I have never fought the man yet, so I can’t say if he is my toughest opponent or not.

When you look at Diaz’ resume, what stands out to you?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I don’t look at a fighter’s record.  If a fighter can fight, he can fight, and that’s that.

Do you feel as though he has enough power to make you worry?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I never underestimate any opponent.  I just go in there and make sure I don’t get caught with anything – I don’t want to go in there and be careless.

If you were to give a report on his strengths and weaknesses, what would you say?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I don’t know if I can give that because every fight is different.  Each fighter fights every opponent different.  If he had one weakness in his previous fights that might be different when he fights me. I have to make sure that I am prepared 110% for whatever he brings to the table.

You have been moving up in the P4P lists – do you pay attention to that?  What do you think about the Canelo-GGG fight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I pay a little bit of attention to it but at the same time I look at it as status playing a big part in ratings but at the same time I just worry about winning and everything else will fall into place.  GGG and Canelo – that is going to be a tremendous fight.  I am looking forward to watching it whenever it happens, and yes, I think my name should be mentioned up there with theirs.

What do you think fighting in the big room will do to elevate your status in the boxing world?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  For me, going from the Theater to the big arena right now – that says a lot right now.  I have to keep winning and putting on great performances and eventually my name is going to be bigger than it is right now.

Is there anything new in preparation for this fight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  Nothing really new.  Just trying to get better and working on the things that we know that we have to do to be the best.

Gamboa has never been the same since you fought him – what do you think about that?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I don’t know what I may have done to him in the fight.  I can’t say I did this to him or I did that to him – you will have to ask him that.

Have you noticed in his performance that he hasn’t been the same fighter?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  He’s been going through a lot of promotional battles and he can’t seem to stay active – that is one thing that I have noticed.

Bob, what does it mean for Crawford to fight in the big arena?

BOB ARUM:  Obviously fighting in the main arena as the main event makes a statement and it’s what our plans are, and our plans are that Terence Crawford, before he hangs up his gloves, will be recognized as the greatest fighter of his time.  That’s going to be up to Terence but he has the tools, the personality and the ability to reach that goal.  And our job as a promoter is that he has every opportunity to show the world that he is the best fighter of his era. Fighting on the big stage that is Madison Square Garden where Ali fought and where Marvin Hagler fought, where Oscar De La Hoya fought and now where Terence Crawford is fighting is a step in that direction.  It’s clear – obviously we could have taken the fight to Omaha and have a massive sellout like we always do, but we decided that we wanted to showcase Terence at the Mecca of Boxing, Madison Square Garden.  We are going to have a tremendous crowd – tickets are going extremely well and we have dressed up the card with really great young fighters – like Shakur Stevenson; like Fazliddin Gaibnazarov the Olympic gold medallist in Rio who comes from Uzbekistan; Teofimo Lopez, a rising star in the sport; and it will all come down to the main event, which will feature Terence Crawford and it will be a statement that he will make in his quest to become the best fighter of our era.  Simple as that – there is no place else in boxing, with all due respect to Las Vegas and other arenas, there is no place in boxing that has the symbolism and the history of Madison Square Garden.  Now Terence will have the opportunity to perform on the biggest of all stages – the Mecca of Boxing.

Terence, can you speak about fighting outside of Omaha and becoming a draw in other places?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  Yes, I have been fighting away from home all of my career – basically all of my life, that I never really had a lot of amateur tournaments in Omaha, Nebraska, so it says a lot.  I have been traveling and traveling and traveling to fight here and there.  The first time I had the privilege to fight in Omaha, it was a big turnout, so big that everybody that came in felt like this was the only place that I ever fought at – in Omaha.  So for me to go to other cities and being able to sell out, and have a lot of people from Omaha follow me, shows the type of career that I am having – and it’s a tremendous career.

The fight many would want to see is Pacquiao-Crawford, is that a fight you could see happening if they get through their opponents?

BOB ARUM:  I don’t like to project too far ahead, but I would agree with you.  I am not content with guys fighting once or twice a year.  That is BS.  Guys have to fight regularly.  Terence will fight in May and Manny is fighting in July.  Terence would I think if he gets through this fight well, to get back in the ring again in the summer and then we will look to the fall.  Would Pacquiao and Crawford be a good fight, a big fight, a big attraction?  You bet your ass it will and we will, all things being equal, we will do our best to make that fight.  I think the public wants to see it and the public will support it.  Manny Pacquiao has been a great fighter and a great attraction.  I love Manny Pacquiao.  Manny Pacquiao is the kind of guy who is not afraid to step up and fight anybody.  Terence Crawford is  the rising star in boxing.  Everybody would love to see that fight, but that’s all I can say about it.  I agree with your assessment, that it’s a fight that the fans want to see, and if it’s a fight that the fans want to see, a promoter has the obligation to make it happen.

Would that fight, if it came about, be at 140 or 147?  Terence, do you have thoughts about moving up in weight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  Well, right now I am fighting at 140 and that is my main focus right now and who knows what the future may hold.  If I need to fight at 147, I’ll fight at 147 and if I need to fight at 140 I’ll fight at 140.  Right now I am focused more on Felix Diaz than anything else.

Is Pacquiao on your radar?  Is that somebody you’d like to fight?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  No question Pacquiao is someone I would like to fight, but if it’s not in front of me then I am really not worried about it.

Barring Pacquiao and assuming you get by this fight, who else is at 140 that you could fight that could bring you A) the kind of money that you could make (B) the kind of attention that you would like and (C) in your weight class.  Is there anyone?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  Julius Indongo is.

So you would like to unify the titles?


CARL MORETTI:  Indongo will be at the fight.

BOB ARUM:  He is a good fighter this kid.  That’s a guy that people haven’t heard of because he hasn’t fought in the United States but our matchmakers say he is a damn good fighter and apparently looking forward, down the line.  I disagree that there are not any fighters at 140 that want to fight.  Mikey Garcia keeps shooting his mouth off about going up to 140 to fight Terence – I mean that’s a possibility.  Again, if we put him in with Manny – Manny is a 147 pound champion, but Manny goes into the ring at 144 pounds and to even go in the ring at 144 he has to eat about 5000 calories a day, or more, when he is training, because Manny is not a big welterweight.

How about besides Pacquiao?

BOB ARUM:  Besides Pacquiao, there is this kid, Julius Indongo that is coming on that is a very good fighter that I think holds the other two titles now at 140 – that’s a possibility and there is the possibility of Mikey Garcia.

There was an announcement with Indongo after he beat Ricky Burns, that his promoter was going to work with Eddie Hearn – have you spoken to them?

BOB ARUM:  Indongo is coming to the fight and we will all talk to him when he comes to the fight.  If the kid wants to fight Terence, then that’s the time to talk to him.  If he doesn’t want to fight Terence then Eddie Hearn or the African promoter or any other promoter, then there is no sense talking.  If the kid says he wants to fight Terence, and that’s the fight, then we’ll make it happen.  And you will have the opportunity, I assume, to interview this kid on Saturday at The Garden.

Would he be coming to the fight if he wasn’t interested in fighting Terence?
BOB ARUM:  Well, there you go.

There has only been one other time in boxing history where the fighter has unified all four titles so it is extremely rare…

BOB ARUM:  For people that think that’s important, that would be a great thing.

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  Well, I never kept track of how many people have ever had held all four titles, but it is one of my goals to say that I am undisputed champion.

Bernard knocked out Oscar to unify the four middleweight titles and then Jermaine won to win those four titles, so those were the two guys but only the one fight to unify the four titles.  Did you watch the Indongo-Burns fight and what did you think?

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I watched the fight and he put on a great performance.  He did what he had to do to get the job done.  He’s tall and rangy and he can box.  It would be a good fight.

Stylistically it seems like it would be a crowd pleaser – do you think?

This will be the first time in a long time you have fought a true left-hander.  Did it change preparation? 

TERENCE CRAWFORD:  I prepare for whatever.  I have fought left handers before in both the amateurs and pro and it won’t be any different come Saturday night.