EGIS KLIMAS has said he will appeal the result of last night’s fight between lightweight champion Devin Haney and number two challenger Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Speaking at the post-fight press conference the Ukrainian’s manager was visibly annoyed at what had just gone down at the MGM Grand. Haney had been awarded a unanimous decision over his 35-year-old opponent.

“This is the biggest robbery,” he said.

“For other team Christmas came in the summer and we’re not gonna let it go. I guarantee we’re gonna protest, I guarantee we’re gonna appeal that decision because somebody needs to end this injustice.

“Those judges were scoring a completely insane score. It’s not acceptable. I guarantee we’re not gonna let it go. We’re gonna go all the way to the end. Maybe we’re not gonna win. Maybe it’s gonna be like it is, but we want to show what has to be justice.”

After 12 rounds the judges scorecards read 115-113 (Tim Cheatham), 116-112 (Dave Moretti) and 115-113 (David Sutherland).

The verdict was met with disapproval from fans in the arena and obvious disappointment from Lomachenko 17-3 (11).

“During all fight I control the fight,” said Lomachenko.

“I win this fight. Of course, for me it was a big surprise. I was sure I won this fight, but it is what it is.”

Judge Moretti gave Haney eight rounds out of the twelve which included five of the final six sessions.

“I was the first [who] protested Dave Moretti to have as a judge. We protested that to [Nevada State Athletic] commission,” said Klimas.

“The commissioner told he is one of my best judges and that proved today again!”

Haney now moves to thirty wins and zero losses and with the victory has cemented his status as the number one lightweight in the world.

Despite the outrage which has since followed the result the 24-year-old believes he got the better of Lomachenko on the night.

“I was definitely confident I won the fight,” he told the media during his press conference.

“I knew that it was a close fight. I knew going into the fight it wouldn’t be an easy fight. I had to go through the fire to win. I knew Loma was a crafty veteran and I couldn’t just go in there and jab and move around, I knew I had to take it to him and fight a fight that you guys hadn’t seen me ever fight before.

Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

“Not every fight is gonna be pretty, sometimes you gotta show versatility and different styles. I can box, I can jab, I can invest in the body.”

One reporter brought up the subject of Haney’s body shots and asked the champion if he thought that was what won him the fight.

“The bodywork has won me this fight tonight,” Haney answered.

“We watched a tape on Loma [and] we knew he wasn’t the biggest tan of body shots. [I] stuck to the gameplan, was breaking him down and that’s why I feel like he was fighting in spurts. He would have good moments during the round, but he wouldn’t finish the round strong because I had invested in the body.”

A constant subject of questioning during the build-up was how much longer can Haney make the 135lbs limit. The American says he will have to talk to his team about his future but may stay around in the division if big fights can continue to be made.

“There’s a lot of big fights at the 135lbs division. We just gotta see what’s next. No weight cut for me at 135 is easy. It takes a lot of discipline. I’m huge for the weight.

“Maybe we have a fight at 140. See how I feel and keep the belts at 135 and come back at 135 and a fight that makes sense. We might just stay at 135. If it makes sense, we’ll stay at 135. I’ve proved myself tonight against a future hall of famer that I’m the guy in the weight class. I’ve been at 135 since I was 16 years old but we just gotta see what’s next. Eventually I’m gonna move up.”

Haney was later asked what he thought about the fans reaction of whom many believed he lost and Lomachenko won.

“At the end of the day the people can see what they wanna see,” he replied.

“The judges made a unanimous decision. That’s all that matters is the judges. Each judge was on the same page. I got the victory.”