STUEY HALL, already a powerful bantamweight, has linked up with strength and conditioning coach Des Witter to refresh that side of his game ahead of his bid to reclaim the IBF world title. Here Des details a circuit that Stuey has been using, which you can include in your training regime:

Warm up (run or row etc.)

  1. 4 x 15 metres dragging resistance band held by trainer
  2. 15 x front kettlebell squat
  3. 15 x squat jumps on TRX
  4. 15x single arm kettlebell swings (on each arm)
  5. 15 x Press up on floor, exploding on to low box (the Reebok step for example)
  6. 15 x Bent over row with two chains (used for stability, each weighs about 20kgs)
  7. 15 x Overhead floor slam with med ball, straight into a burpee (pick balll up on the way back up and repeat)
  8. 200 metre row (all out, fast as you can)
  9. Grappler 30 seconds normal pace, last 30 seconds all out
  10. High knees running forward then back on a crash mat (a thick, soft mat)
  11. 15x double handed kettlebell swings
  12. 4 x 15 metres pushing sledge (not sprinting, weighted for conditioning strength in the legs_


Des explains, “These workouts are between 40 and 45 minutes. He has 10 to 15 minutes on core [work], which is various different planks, from the floor, multi legs holds, then up on to a swiss ball.

“We do a core section then he finishes with a cool down, stretching and he’s out of here.”

In a typical week Hall fits in one of these strength and conditioning circuits within his regular boxing training routine and also does an interval session. For that session he might have two treadmills running, one flat, one of them on an incline. “He does a minute of sprints on one and changes over on to the other one and we’ll do that for 12 rounds. It’s like a high intensity training day,” Des said. “He might be running at 19k on the one, at an incline of 1% and the other one he’s running at 10 on a 7% incline, a minute on each. He jumps off one, in 10 seconds he’s basically on the other, 10 seconds he’s back on the other one and we do that for 12 rounds so it’s about 25, 30 minutes and he can finish with skipping or some rowing or he might go out and do a run outside.”

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