Having recently provided the upper-body routine to help develop power, it is now time to share it’s lower-body sibling.

1. Hurdle hops
2 sets/3 minutes’ work/40 seconds’ rest
Set out eight hurdles. Hop over each one in turn, using one leg, jog back to the start and do the same with the other leg. Don’t lean to either side and try to spend as little time on the ground as possible.

2. Kettlebell jump squats 8 sets/10 seconds’ work/40 seconds’ rest
Stand on two parallel boxes with your feet shoulder-width apart and each foot in the centre of its box. With your knees and toes pointed slightly out, lower into a squat, with the kettlebell between your legs, arms straight and shoulders back, then a big drive up from heels, and get as high as you can.

3. Dumbbell single-arm snatches 4 sets/6 reps per arm/40-60 seconds’ rest
Start in a half-squat with arms extended and the dumbbell on the floor between your legs. Squat down, grab the dumbbell in one hand, drive your hips forward and raise the weight. Once it reaches the hip, your heels should raise, your elbow should move up and drive the dumbbell towards the ceiling. Do all six reps of one side before changing sides.

4. Dumbbell squat & drops/box jumps 4 sets/6 reps/40-60 seconds’ rest
Point your knees and toes out, sit into a squat position and, as soon as you release the dumbbells onto the floor, drive up from the heels and forward from the hips, leaping onto the box.

5. Landmine deadlifts into explosive presses 4 sets/6 reps per side/40-60 seconds’ rest
Start with your legs close together, your hips out and your chest slightly over the bar. One hand should be on the bar, the other in your guard position. Bring the bar up using the power generated from the floor, rotate your back foot – the heel leaving the ground – and hips, then push forward and up. Do all six reps of one side before changing sides.

6. Depth jumps 3 sets/3 minutes’ work/40 seconds’ rest
Set up six boxes, alternating between low and high. The jump to the low box is more to set yourself. As soon as you touch the floor after that, you explode up to the big box, with more force. Keep your back tight and strong, your hips back and don’t pause too long upon landing – ‘touch and drive’.

7. Hex bar jump squats/prowler sprint 4 sets/6 reps/20m sprints/40 seconds’ rest
Stand in the middle of the bar, point your knees and toes out, squat down and produce a big drive up, with full extension in the arms. Use the force from your heels, transfer it to your toes and leave the floor, get height, and drive using your quads and glutes. Then go straight to the prowler, and dig your toes in, pumping your knees into your chest.

In the next chapter, we move on to a conditioning phase.