Name: Rhiannon Dixon

Age: 28

Twitter: @RhiannonDixon3

Nationality: British

From: Warrington

Stance: Southpaw

Record: 9-0 (1)

Next fight: On April 13 in Manchester she will fight Karen Carabajal for the vacant WBO world lightweight title

When and why you started boxing:

I started doing boxing because I saw Ronda Rousey on TV. I initially wanted to do MMA because I thought she was the coolest person ever. I remember her saying, “Every muscle in my body serves a purpose,” and I just thought wow. But I was told if I had not done any martial arts before I should start with boxing. So then I went to my old coach in Wigan and started boxing and I loved it.

Favourite all-time fighter:

I like Roberto Duran and am a secret fan of Lomachenko, but don’t tell Anthony (Crolla). I am a sucker for a southpaw, so at the moment I’m a big fan of Jai Opetaia.

Best fight you’ve seen:

In person: Ted Cheeseman and Troy Williamson in Liverpool. It was an unbelievable fight. It was just crazy. On TV: Graham Earl vs. Michael Katsidis. That fight just showed the pure grit and dog in them. I watch that when I am doing my sprints, and it tells me that even when you are down, you are never out.

Personal career highlight:

At the moment, when I won the European title against Katharina Thanderz last September at the Wembley Arena. Winning the Commonwealth title was really nice because it was mine and Ant’s first title together. But winning the European had more prestige to it, I think.

Toughest opponent:

Mahjouba Oubtil in Spain in 2022 – because the fight was away from home and my weight wasn’t right. The weight was awful, and it wasn’t even at lightweight, it was at super-lightweight. I didn’t do the weight right. But she had fought at the Olympics and came at me with everything. I had to deal with a lot of adversity in the fight, and I felt I dealt with it really well.

Best and worst attributes as a boxer:

My worst attribute is that I like a good moan. I get the work done, but I am the most critical person ever. After sparring, I get asked what I did well, and I’ll say nothing. It was disgusting. But on the flip side, it is probably my best attribute because I am never satisfied with anything. But I am also a very good listener. If I am told to do something in a fight, I will just do it.

Training tip:

Invest in yourself. You are not an expert in everything, so you need people around you who are.

Favourite meal/restaurant:

I have a very sweet tooth, so anything along those lines.

Best friends in boxing:

It’s everyone in the gym. We are such a close-knit group. If we have any issues, we all go to each other. I truly believe that I can trust all of them and that we have each other’s back. We are very honest with each other and can say how we really feel.

Which other athlete would you like to be:

Luke Littler. When he wins, he says, “I’ll probably just get a takeaway.” When I have done sparring, I have to go home and diet. He’s just a young lad living life and having so much fun. He’s even got me interested in darts. He’s even putting Warrington on the map. Anthony says Luke is his favourite athlete from Warrington.

Last film/TV show you saw:

Squid Game, and I like the reality shows, like Real Housewives of…

Who would play you in a film of your life?

You know the person who is similar to me, in that they are hilarious, is Jennifer Lawrence. I think she would play me really well because she has got that natural charisma and is very funny.

Have you ever been starstruck:

When I first met the rugby player Paul Scunthorpe. I cried when I met him. I was in love with him when I was younger. Andy Farrell, I once followed him around Marks and Spencer; Katie Taylor, and I just thought, What do I say to her? I bet she thought I was really weird for just staring at her.

Last time you cried:

I watched a TikTok video about a girl who had lost her boyfriend, and she was just describing everything. I am an emotional person. I cry at least once a day worrying about my dog Honey.

Best advice received:

Don’t ever go on commentary underprepared. I did and it was the worst moment of my life.

Worst rumour about yourself:

That I do Anthony Crolla’s hair extensions.

Something not many people know about you:

I have got a birthmark on my forehead. Everyone just thinks it is a bruise. One time a cut man even started to ice it and put an iron on it. We never used him again.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years:

Probably still boxing, but at heavyweight. I’ll be the heavyweight champion of the world. But seriously, I want to help dogs in shelters. Do something along those lines. I have a very strong calling for helping dogs.