Fast Facts:  

Age: 26

Twitter: alex_winwood97

Nationality: Australian

From: Australia

Stance: orthodox

Height: 5ft 2ins

Stance: orthodox

Record: 4-0 (2)

Division: Strawweight

Next fight: Winwood made rapid progress in 2023, winning three against good opposition. He hopes to be out again before June.

When and why you started boxing:

Boxing started as a PT session at my high school once a week and I was invited to the boxing gym after school hours. I was 16 years old.

Favourite all-time fighter: 

Mike Tyson, he was a small heavyweight beating up all these big guys, and I kind of see a part of myself in that.

Best fight you’ve seen: 

The first one that comes to mind would be the incredible Diego Corrales versus Jose Luis Castillo in 2005. That first fight they had will take some beating.

Personal career highlight:

Winning the WBC International championship at strawweight in my third fight, outpointing Reyneris Gutierrez.

Toughest opponent: 

Gutierrez, who was 9-0 beforehand. He was a very skilled opponent, he had guts and a great chin.

Best and worst attributes as a boxer: 

My strengths would be speed, power and my ring IQ. My weaknesses are size and experience.

Training tip:

Have fun and enjoy it. If you don’t, you’ve got problems. Boxing is too hard of a sport to not love the training.

Favourite meal and restaurant: 

Pizza. George’s Greek restaurant.

Best friends in boxing: 

My coach, Angelo Hyder, and my amateur coach, Brian Sartori.

Which other athlete would you like to be? 

Any of the leading golfers.

One thing you would change about professional boxing:

There should only be one sanctioning body and therefore only one world champion per weight class. At the moment, there are too many fighters calling themselves the best in the world. One sanctioning body would ensure that the champions were the best in the world.

Who would play you in a film of your life? 

Kevin Hart, he’s probably about the right size.

Have you ever been starstruck?

Yes, when I met Patty Mills, who is an Australian basketball player who plays in the NBA.

When was the last time you cried, and why? 

You know, I honestly can’t remember!

Tell us something not many people know about you. 

I can play the piano.