IT’S the competitor in me to get at him any way I can. Until that bell rings, we’ll do whatever we need to do to let him know we’re really here to fight him.

When you’re in there with a top level opponent, it’s supposed to be a close action packed fight. I have everything it takes to make each fight exciting when I step into the ring.

Everyone has seen everything what I’ve done in my career. Everyone knows I can take a punch and I’ll be there from the first round to the last round. We’ll see what happens to Errol as the fight goes on.

This is the best camp I’ve ever had. The nutrition and everything has been spot on. I’m ahead of schedule and that’s where I plan to stay. I expect to be eating Friday morning.

I’m aggressive and I’m strong and guys can’t handle it. There are things that happen in the ring and you just have to move with it. I’m always ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Being in the underdog position is literally where I come from. Northeast Ohio is always an underdog. Everybody works where I come from. We always do the best we can.

The resume is for everyone else to compare and contrast. For me, it’s all about who’s in front of me. I believe I have the right recipe to be the person to get the job done Saturday. I have the style to challenge him physically and mentally.

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