AS fans know, former “Contender” winner Sergio Mora traded first-round knockdowns with defending WBA middleweight champion Danny Jacobs this past Saturday in New York and a great fight was shaping up. Then Mora suffered an ankle injury and was unable to continue. Currently very disappointed, Mora says he is aiming for a rematch and wants the 2nd-round TKO win that was awarded to Jacobs changed to a No-Contest.

Here Mora speaks exclusively with Boxing News:

Q: First of all, Sergio, how is your ankle right now?

Sergio Mora: “My ankle is fractured. I will be seeing the orthopaedic specialist this Wednesday. I also had some liquid in my right knee, which is a sign of trauma. But the main injury was my ankle. I’m taking pain medication right now.”

Q: It was shaping up as a great fight, with a thrilling opening round. How do you feel the fight would have developed further had you not suffered the injury?

S.M: “Well, I’ve gone into my last five fights expecting to stop my opponent – that has been my mentality since my return in 2012. I was going for the stoppage, especially against a guy like Jacobs, who has been stopped before. The knockdown I suffered, it was a good punch from an unexpected angle. But I recovered fast because I was in great shape. I wasn’t hurt, I was more surprised. It all happened so fast, but looking back at the video of the fight, I absolutely feel he was more visibly shaky than me when he went down. But I knew I still had to respect his power.”

Q: You want a rematch as you stated, and you also believe the fight should be changed to a No-Contest. What will you do if things do not go your way?

S.M: “First of all, I will start by contesting the decision officially with the New York Commission. I have already spoken with a respectable, well known New York attorney, who will look into my case immediately. Secondly, if this fight’s result is changed to a No-Contest, I think this will provide Team Jacobs with the incentive to reconsider their opinion [on taking a rematch]. With the help of fans and media such as yourself, opinion can be swayed. I did not lose the six-minute fight. I don’t deserve another controversial loss on my permanent record. The New York Commission is not known for political corruption, like in, say, Texas. I think I will have a fair hearing considering how they [the NY Commission] will use video replay as evidence.”