November 18, 1994; MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
“HE didn’t have that look in his eyes, his punches were flat,” the great Sugar Ray Leonard said of James Toney after watching Roy Jones dominate “Lights Out” over 12 rounds. Toney didn’t have that look in his eyes because he’d boiled himself down to 168lbs after starting his training camp at 207lbs. His punches were flat because he’d spent too much training to lose weight and not enough time training for Jones. Would it have been any different if Toney had prepared correctly? Probably not, so great was Roy on this night. But this fight matched two fighters of such mind-boggling brilliance, one wishes more than just one of them had the fire in their eyes.

DID YOU KNOW? Only 7,000 fans watched inside the MGM Grand and it sold 300,000 pay-per-view buys. At the time, this was not a huge crossover fight.

WATCH OUT FOR: Roy Jones in full flow. The knockdown in the third. The swagger throughout. This was a man at the height of his powers, knowing he was dominating almost every moment against an opponent many had tipped to win.