ROCKY FIELDING has a point to prove.

The most high profile of his career, on the biggest stage there is in the sport, ended in a swift defeat to Canelo Alvarez at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Those bruising three rounds have wounded his pride too. After a break over Christmas, tuning out of the sport to focus on his family, he is back in the gym and waiting for another opportunity.

He knows he made mistakes in his contest with the great Mexican. “I stayed there too long, tried to mix with him,” he said. “I should have went in a different way… It happened. I’m not going to dwell on it.

“It was an experience. I give him the opportunities and you can’t do that with that level of fighter.

“I probably learned a lot from it, even though it went three rounds and it didn’t go my way.”

Canelo Alvarez vs Rocky Fielding

Even now, he would gladly fight Gennady Golovkin, who is coming back after a competitive points loss to Alvarez. “I’ll go over to the States. I’m not bothered who I fight. Every fight that Eddie [Hearn, his promoter] has put in front of me I’ve accepted. I haven’t said no to anything. I’m just waiting on options and names,” he said. “I’ll take on anyone, I won’t shy away from anyone.

“I just put it out there, get a bit of banter back, that was it… I’d fight Golovkin.”

Fielding wants a contest, to get some rounds under his belt, ideally in May and to look for something more substantial in June or July. Chris Eubank Jnr is a potential fight that’s highly appealing for him. He doesn’t credit Junior too much for his victory over James DeGale in February. “I think DeGale’s had one fight too many,” Rocky said. “He was falling over his feet, his punching power’s kind of gone, Eubank just stayed patient and countered. I think he done what he had to.

“He just did what he had to do, I can’t think a few years ago that would have happened to DeGale.”

Fielding added, “I hit a lot harder than Eubank, he’s got the speed. If they phoned me for Eubank, I’d take that, not a problem.”