1. Liquid protein supplements are absorbed quicker than protein-based foods.
Protein supplements can be useful to deliver amino acids when they are needed quickly, such as immediately after training to help muscles repair.

2. Consuming 20-30g of protein induces maximal rates of muscle protein synthesis.
Recent research suggests that 20-30g of protein is the optimal amount required to induce maximal rates of muscle protein synthesis.

3. Whey protein is optimal for post-training.
Whey protein is more rapidly absorbed than casein and soy, contains higher amounts of the amino acid leucine and also induces greater rates of muscle protein synthesis. For this reason, whey protein is best consumed after training e.g. MaxiNutriton Promax, CNP ProWhey, SiS Whey Protein, MyProtein True Whey etc.

4. Casein protein may be optimal for sleep.
Given that casein is more slowly digested than whey and soy, many athletes also consume casein-based protein (e.g. CNP Propeptide) in higher amounts (e.g. 30-40g) prior to sleep so as to provide a sustained delivery of amino acids to the muscles during sleep.

5. Ensure your product is batch-tested.
As with all supplements, you should always ensure your product is batch-tested for contaminated substances by checking for the Informed Sport logo.