THE adidas Hybrid 300 gloves are a welcome addition to the sportswear giant’s range of boxing gear. Available in four colours, the gloves have a minimalistic but contemporary design with a glossy finish that marks them out from standard training gloves. Made from genuine cowhide leather, the gloves are also sturdy and cut from a quality material that won’t diminish quickly.

At first, they feel like a tight fit but this is all a part of their design, which is geared toward enhancing performance by providing maximum support. With a little movement and use, the gloves feel much better suited to your hand and there is no hindrance on technique. In fact, their snug fit allows for more effective and crisper punching.

Satin-like lining in the gloves also add to their comfort and with ample ventilation – small holes in the underside of the thumb and fist – extended use is also possible without perspiration affecting the inside.

The Velcro strap on gloves can sometimes be a cause for concern – some are too short, some too long, some too wide and some too narrow. Adidas have got it just right with the Hybrid 300s, using a large, rigid strap which ensures there is plenty of support around the wrist. There is also an elastic strap to allow for manoeuvrability during use.

The foam padding is multi-layered and consists of horse hair. The padding has been hand moulded and, while a little stiff at first, swiftly becomes properly cushioned and effective. The fist has a wide surface area and while this may not be to everyone’s taste – as it can make it a little more difficult to sharpen your accuracy – it dissipates the impact of each blow, preventing any injury or discomfort.

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