FORTY years ago we had one of the greatest fights of all time, Sugar Ray Leonard-Thomas Hearns, and this weekend we had the worst: Vitor Belfort-Evander Holyfield.

Matt Christie and Alex Steedman examine how and why a 58-year-old Holyfield was allowed to come back, address that increasingly murky ‘exhibition’ word and hope beyond hope that this latest farce taught the sport a lesson it will actually pay attention to.

Thankfully, Sam Eggington yet again did the sport proud. His terrific clash with Bilel Jkitou is reviewed in detail.

We also reflect on Kerman Lejarraga’s latest outing, cast our eyes over more contentious scorecards before saving the best for last… the one and only Leonard-Hearns showdown gets the royalty treatment in This Week In History.

Listen below: