Karriss Artingstall (Featherweight contender)

I’d pick Frazer in the rematch. They’re both going to take a few things from that fight. It was the first time they’d both been 12 rounds. Leading up to the fight I had Frazer to win. I went on the Boxing News app and picked Frazer to win on points. I knew it was going to be a hard fight. But I think Frazer will win next time.

Harry Scarff (British welterweight champion)

I’d probably have to go for a draw again. That’s what I’m going with. They’ll both be better next time but I think it’ll still be a very close fight. I thought the draw in their fight last Sunday was about right. Clarke finished well but it was close and there was nothing in it. But I pick another draw next time.

Jack Massey (Cruiserweight contender)

It’s a really tough one because Clarke was coming on stronger towards the back end of the fight. Wardley was fading but I think that was because of his damaged face and losing quite a lot of blood but I think he did enough to win the fight. You can’t grumble at a draw, but I think he nicked it so I’m going to go for Wardley to win a rematch.

Shabaz Masoud (Super-bantamweight contender)

I’d say Wardley. I do think if there was a rematch it’d be better for him because he’s had a good look at Frazer now and there could be an even better gameplan next time. It was a crazy fight between the two. I’ve never seen that side of Frazer before. Both guys showed a lot of heart. A draw was a fair result and that’s how I scored it.