Karriss Artingstall (Featherweight contender)

I’ve boxed all around the world, but I suppose it’s where I can get the most of my supporters in. I’d probably say the Manchester Arena when I boxed there. That was probably the best atmosphere I’ve had so far. But I also enjoyed boxing at the O2 Arena when I was on the Claressa Shields-Savannah Marshall undercard. That was packed out, that was class.

Harry Scarff (British welterweight champion)

York Hall because the crowd is on top of you. During lockdown I boxed there against Troy Williamson. I wished a crowd had been there. Last year I boxed there again against Jordan Dujon. That was good because his fans were on one side of the balcony and ours on the other. I’d say the O2 Arena in London as well. I went to see Froch-Kessler 2 and that was a really good atmosphere.

Jack Massey (Cruiserweight contender)

Manchester Arena in my home city. I fought there on numerous occasions. I’ve watched gigs there and watched ice hockey when I was a kid. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you’re fighting in front of thousands of people. Also, the Devonshire Dome in Buxton which is my hometown. Putting on professional boxing there which had never happened was a massive achievement for myself.

Shabaz Masoud (Super-bantamweight contender)

The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I want to fight there. Growing up I watched all the big fights happen there like Mayweather vs. Hatton and Mayweather vs. De La Hoya. I’d love to go to Las Vegas one day and fight there. In my own career I’d say when I boxed in Dubai. I really liked boxing there. It was tennis courts but when you got inside it looked like a coliseum.