1. How do you feel about a 55-year-old Nigel Benn returning to the ring to fight Sakio Bika?

Kieran Farrell (Pro trainer, manager and promoter)

It’s hard to look at, to be honest. Fighters are the last to know when to hang the gloves up and I think Nigel needs to look at the intentions of the people around him who are supporting the comeback. They’re clearly not thinking about his health.

Cherelle Brown (WBC international female super-lightweight champion)

All I can say is once you’re a fighter, you’re always a fighter. Part of me understands. Only a true fighter knows how boxing can change our lives and give us a focus. After 23 year out, hindsight is a beautiful thing. It helps you to realise what you could have done differently. I think he is doing this for himself and to put right his past.

Ryan Walsh (British featherweight champion)

Not great at all. I’m a big Nigel Benn fan. In a boxing debate I once had with Roger Mayweather, he was the only Brit he would give any credit to. Boxing history suggests a comeback like this will only end one way, unfortunately. Ricky Hatton was a fairly recent example of that.

Alan Hubbard (Boxing journalist)

There’s no doubt Benn is fit at 55. But fit to fight? No way. I am all for senior citizens competing in veterans’ events in sports like athletics, golf and tennis, but that’s not the hurt business. The British Board are right to want no part of this farce. I admire Benn for what he was, but boxing is no country for old men.

Nigel Benn
Benn is back (Action Images/John Sibley)

2. What happens in a potential heavyweight fight between Joe Joyce and Daniel Dubois?

Kieran Farrell

I believe in ‘Dangerous’ Daniel Dubois. I also believe the best time for Joyce to fight him is now, while he is still inexperienced. Because in another couple of years I see Dubois ruling the heavyweight division.

Cherelle Brown

This would potentially be a firecracker of a bout between massive punchers in 10oz gloves. Dubois and Joyce both had very successful amateur careers and I’ve had the pleasure of training alongside them. They are both animals. They are dedicated and hungry and this is a dangerous combination. I’m stuck on this one. The winner will be the best man on the day.

Ryan Walsh

I love a domestic dust up and this would be very intriguing. If Joyce can capture the European title, it’ll make it for all the domestic and European marbles. Two possible outcomes for me: Dubois by KO or Joyce by decision. Let’s hope it happens. The world scene seems backlogged, so it is more than likely.

Alan Hubbard

‘Dynamite’ Dan takes me back to the pre-Ali era of Sonny Liston with that stone face, jolting jab and thunderclap right. He’s the hardest-hitting heavyweight for years. Joyce is capable, but not capable enough defensively to keep his chin out of the way for more than four or five rounds.

Daniel Dubois
Dubois brings to mind Liston (Action Images/Reuters/Andrew Couldridge)