Thomas Hauser (Hall of Fame writer)

It exemplifies today’s social media mentality that values fame, hype, and glitz over substance and reality. And it’s the result of boxing not giving fans the fights they want. Fans get unsatisfying match-ups so they turn to this.  

John Scully (Former world title challenger)

I’m a little torn. On the one hand I think it’s great that these guys are able to do what they do at their age and get the chance to feel that glory of being a fight on a big stage again. We all secretly long for that. But with 12oz gloves and emotions and adrenaline anything can happen, a lot of pride is in the mix here, and I just hope that no one gets hurt, especially Roy.

Nigel Collins (Former The Ring Editor)

Virtually all comebacks are about money but the proposed Tyson-Jones exhibition goes beyond financial gain. Regardless of a fighter’s age boxing remains a huge part of his or her identity and the urge to box never completely goes away. It’s who they are. Judging by the social media chatter the concept of a Jones-Tyson contest has clearly sparked the interest of many boxing fans. However, two old geezers going at it doesn’t interest me one bit.

Enzo Maccarinelli (KO’d Jones in 2015)

It won’t just be an exhibition, these are two fighters who will want to beat the other. Am I happy that Jones and Tyson are fighting in their 50s? No. But at least they’re fighting each other and they’re the same age. Unless you’ve been a fighter, you’ll never understand that urge to fight again. If they pass all the medicals, you can’t begrudge them this last fight.