Joe Calzaghe
Hall of Fame fighter

If it’s an exhibition and he’s in the right shape for an exhibition, that’s fine. He looks really sharp on the pads, surprisingly so, but those are just pads and the clips are just for two seconds. It’s great to see former boxers doing that, but he’s far too old to come back properly.

Tris Dixon
Boxing writer and podcaster

Let’s hope it’s smoke and mirrors. There surely won’t be a commission that would be naïve enough to licence someone who was over the hill more than 15 years ago. He has nothing to prove and nothing to gain.

Frank Warren
Hall of Fame promoter

If he’s doing an exhibition it is what it is. But if he’s coming back for a real fight, forget it. There isn’t a 53-year-old on the planet who should be boxing, I don’t care who they are.

Chris McKenna
Sports journalist

Anybody who thinks Tyson should make a comeback because they’ve seen him look good in a 20-second clip of him hitting the pads should go back and watch his final fight with Kevin McBride in 2005. Any promoter who offers Tyson money to return should have their licence revoked.

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