Chloe Watson (Flyweight contender)

I think it will be a tough ask as Chantelle’s workrate and strength was seen to be too much for Katie during the last fight. Either way, I think it’ll be a really competitive fight and one I am looking forward to watching.

Bradley Rea (Middleweight contender)

I don’t know if Taylor’s getting to that age where she’s starting to slow down. I don’t think Chantelle necessarily used her size advantage in the first fight. She’s not just bigger than her and naturally heavier, she’s really talented and got a great corner team who will make adjustments. Prediction: Cameron again.

Paul Butler (Former WBO & IBF titlist)

I picked Chantelle last time and I’ll pick her again this time. If anything, it’ll be a little bit easier because she’s been in there and done it. The first fight she was sort of in awe of Katie. I think we’ll see a better Chantelle and I hate to say it because she’s that good, but I think Katie’s slightly on the slide.

Anthony Farnell (Trainer and ex-pro)

I don’t think so. Katie Taylor is brilliant, but the last fight showed she’s gone over the hill a little bit. I expect Chantelle to do the same job again. Katie Taylor has been one of the greatest female boxers we’ve ever seen but I think she’s on the slide.