FORMER six-weight world champion Oscar De La Hoya is seriously considering making a comeback despite recently shooting down the proposition.

After Floyd Mayweather recently expressed an interest in fighting ‘The Golden Boy’ in September in a rematch of their 2007 superfight, De La Hoya took to social media to turn down the offer and rule out any chances of a comeback.

He has since gone back on that statement, having told ESPN that he thinks about making a ring return since retiring after his 2008 loss to Manny Pacquiao.

“It’s got to be worth my while but this is very serious,” he said.

“I have to make sure I am fighting the very best. I don’t have to come back for financial reasons or the lights or the glamour.

“The only reason I would come back is because I miss the competition of fighting the very best.”

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame last year and despite battling substance addictions since retiring, addictions he has overcome, he insists he feels physically ready to stage a comeback.

“I feel amazing. In my life right now, I have so much motivation. I am so hungry and so determined. I am young, I am healthy and I feel great… 42 is the new 32.

“I just feel great physically. I’ve been taking care of myself. I’ve been doing the Bernard Hopkins lifestyle. You can turn the clock back to a certain time.”

De La Hoya claimed people constantly ask him to fight Floyd Mayweather or unbeaten middleweight Gennady Golovkin, and the 42-year-old recently tweeted he would only lace up the gloves again if those two were to fight each other in September so that he could face the winner next year.

“I just feel good and when I walk the streets, everyone tells me, ‘You have to fight Floyd again, you have to fight GGG. You can do it, you can do it’.”