November 3, 2001; MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV
ZAB JUDAH came to the ring alongside Mike Tyson, his old pal from Brooklyn. But even Tyson could not believe what he was witnessing from his ringside seat approximately 15 minutes later. After bossing the first round, the slick and quick Judah got himself in a mess when, with his arms by his side, he was tagged by a perfect right hand at the end of the second. Down he went but he got up quickly, then pointed to referee Jay Nady to signal he was okay. But his eyes were glazed and his legs all over the show. Like a drunk pleading for one more beer, Judah fell on his face while making his case. Nady stopped it, Judah went berserk and concluded events by launching a stool in the direction of the official. Time, please.

DID YOU KNOW? The WBA decided they needed another 140lbs champion after Tszyu unified three of the belts in victory and matched Randall Bailey with Demetrio Ceballos in February the following year.

WATCH OUT FOR: The effect that right hand has on Judah is responsible for one of the most-watched clips in boxing history.