August 26, 2017; T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV
AT the time, watching an established legend of the sport toy with a debutant was hard to enjoy but watching it back now is a different experience. No, this will never go down in history as anything other than a novelty bout but there are plenty of clues here that should convince Floyd Mayweather not to come back again. Though many presumed Mayweather carried McGregor for large periods – it was certainly my perception from ringside – one can also see how much the American superstar was slowing down. McGregor landed punches that simply wouldn’t have got anywhere near Floyd only a few years before and, though Mayweather dominated, there are times when he looks every day of his 40-and-a-half years.

DID YOU KNOW? More than one member of “The Money Team” told some reporters to bet on Mayweather winning by knockout in round nine.

WATCH OUT FOR: Floyd coming alive in the ninth and going all out to stop the Irishman only to run out of time and halt his opponent in the next session.