ANTHONY OGOGO, an Olympic bronze medallist, suffered a shock defeat to Craig Cunningham at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham Saturday.

Caught as early as the second round, Ogogo was sent stumbling to the canvas.

Anthony never recovered his rhythm and Cunningham pummelled more punishment into him until Ogogo’s corner withdrew him in the eighth round. Craig has had an impressive year, already beating Jason Welbourn and Ryan Aston so far in 2016. Cunningham wins an International title from the WBC.

This was Ogogo’s first professional loss.

“Unbelievable, in Birmingham with all my fans here,” Craig said. “I love being the underdog. There have been a few fights where I’ve been the underdog. Nothing fazes me.

“I know my knockout record ain’t great. But if I catch someone they’re going to go. I’m buzzing.”