KAL YAFAI, already the Commonwealth champion, has looked the consummate professional so far in his career. A trademark of his work has been a particularly effective hook to the body. We asked him how to the left hook to the body.

“The way I throw them is I make sure I always use my feet. Your feet are really important. To try to transfer that power. To turn your toe in. I turn my toe in when I throw that left hook to the body. I prefer to throw to the head and then drop down to the body because they’re concentrating on trying to defend that head. Or I just attack straight to the body with the left hook. I get a lot of power into my left hand, even my jabs so I prefer to start jabbing the head then drop down. But I always try and take that step to the left,” Kal explained. “I try to get that weight from my legs and try to get as much weight as possible into that shot.”

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