YOU’VE had a run of fights in Los Angeles, are you building up a good following over there?

Yeah definitely, I think that’s the plan for Golden Boy to build up a fanbase over here as well. I think they know I have an amazing following from back at home. They’re trying to build on that over here.

You’re on a good knockout run (six from six), are you feeling the pressure to keep that going?

Of course it’s going to be in the back of your head that you want to keep this 100 percent ratio going. But in all my fights I don’t get in there to try and knock the guy out, I get in there to put on a great performance, a great show.

This will be your fourth fight of 2015, is part of the plan to keep you busy?

They want to keep me busy, they want to keep me active. I’m 110 percent happy with that also. I think it’s the best way for me to learn. I think it’s the best way to get experience and get used to the professional game. I’m absolutely delighted with the progress so far and hopefully keep it going.

Is life as a professional fighter in a foreign city difficult?

I’m enjoying it. That’s why I want to keep as busy as possible as well because it can get boring sometimes. You’re over in a new environment, new surroundings that you’re not used to. Your home comforts, things that you were just able to get up and go and do, see family, see friends back in Ireland, you’re not able to do that over here. I have a great team around me and I’m creating a lot of friends over here.

Does promoter Oscar De La Hoya have quite a hands on role in your career?

The lead up to my fights they’re there for anything I need or want… Oscar really has his eye on me right now. He has all the confidence in the world for me to go ahead and do great things. For a man that’s been there and done it, getting that compliment, gives me even more confidence to keep going, to keep doing what I’m doing, keep working hard.

Has anyone you’ve fought so far as a pro given you much trouble?

I’ve felt really in control in all my fights. Nobody’s caused me any problems yet. I’ve felt very in control and feel as though I’ve been putting in good performances, getting these guys out of there early.

You boxed on a Saul Alvarez undercard before, are you hoping to appear on the Canelo-Miguel Cotto bill?

That would be amazing without a doubt. I’d really love to get on that card. If it happens, it happens. If I keep putting on the performances hopefully Golden Boy will stick me on one of those undercards.

I haven’t heard anything at all. I’ve only heard the fight could be happening but I haven’t heard nothing about being on that card. I leave all that down to the management team.

Do you think that by the time you get to fighting for a world title that Canelo will be a world champion and at your weight?

That’s the thing, to be on his undercard already and to hopefully fight him in the future, that would be amazing. You can only imagine the Irish fans and the Mexican fans, that would be some atmosphere.

But my main goal and my main objective now is July 11. That’s my aim at the minute.

Jason Quigley’s next bout is on July 11 at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles