CONOR McGREGOR: I THOUGHT I smoked him in the early rounds. But he’s so composed. I won the first three rounds clearly, and I thought I was five-four down. There were three game changes he performed in the fight and that’s what a true champion does.

I should have seen the end of round 10. I go through a patch where I get fatigued and then I come back. But the referee did an amazing job.

He picks his shots very well. I believe he was hurt a few times but he hides it well. I enjoyed it though, it was a bit of fun. It was a great contest. A lot of stuff I’ll take with me.

The disrespect for my skillset annoyed me, but I always knew I would prove people

There are options and titles in MMA but I might stay in the boxing game. I’ve enjoyed studying the sport and I will take a lot from this fight.

One of the main things in camp was going from five rounds to 12 rounds. In all of my spars when I got to round six, I was like ‘f**k’ and I couldn’t see where the end was. But then I’d get it back by round 10. That’s why I wish they would have let the fight continue, and I could have got a second wind.

This was some buzz, to come here and fight Floyd Mayweather. I enjoyed the whole experience. There are options in MMA, and there will be options in boxing I’m sure. I love competing, and I love a good fight, and this was a good fight. I don’t know what’s next, but something will be next.

Say you want, but I put in so much work. I worked my ass off. I’ve reached great heights and that’s what I’ll continue to do. We’ll see what offers come to the table.

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