A lot of people talk about Lawrence Okolie’s amateur pedigree, but you must take confidence from your run in the unpaid ranks?

It was a long time since I boxed amateur so that’s probably why they forget but I was ABA champion, boxed for England. [Okolie] has done well, he’s got to the Olympics but I don’t think that’s because he’s anything special it’s just because of his sheer size. He’s awkward, rangy, can punch a little. I think we’re on an even scale as far as the amateur’s go but as a professional I think I’m miles in front.

You must take a lot of confidence from the fact you’re a lot more experienced as a pro?

Massively, I’ve been and done this 27 times. I’ve been in five or six 12 rounders this is nothing new to me. I think it will be new to him, when he’s hit hard and he’s thinking about when the round’s going to end I think we’re going to see him struggle. I think we’re going to see him unfold, I really do.

How far away do you believe you are from world title fights?

I think I’m this fight away. I’ll prove it Saturday night and show everyone that I am world class, then we’ll have a sit down and see where it goes. I think I’ve done enough now in British boxing I deserve to step up a level. I’ve beaten everyone in the top 10 pretty much so what would be the point in staying, I think I deserve a world title shot.

As Oleksandr Usyk and Tony Bellew look set to fight for all the world titles, are there any other crusierweights you’d like to fight in the meantime?

Again, all my attention is on Lawrence Okolie and I won’t go past that. After this that’s when we sit down but for now all I’m thinking about is Okolie.

Tony Bellew was the number one crusierweight in the world for a number of years, if he retires are you ready to take his place?

I think I’m definitely behind him at number two I’m our country. But someone has to step up and fill those boots and hopefully I can do that once I get rid of this idiot.

Matty Askin

Do you relish the opportunity to fight on such a big stage like you will on Saturday?

No, it’s a fight, I just sit back. People think I’m like that, when really I don’t care. I’d fight him at his house. I’ll go in, all eyes will be on him, I’ll get the job done, go home for food, beer and that will be me done.