MANNY PACQUIAO believes the Floyd Mayweather showdown will happen, and is hoping it will be confirmed within one week.

“I’m thinking positively that the fight will happen,” the Filipino told Fox News Sunday. “So hopefully by one week, within one week we can hear from them and fix the fight.”

“Pac Man” is well aware that should the fight implode again, it will affect the legacy of both fighters.

“I don’t want that when I retire boxing and there is a big question to the minds of the fans. I think the fans for me is deserving to see and watch the fight.”

Pacquiao, who four years ago was elected into the Philippine House of Representatives, is expected to delve deeper into the world of politics when he retires, but the 36-year-old admits he is not currently planning to run for president of his country.

“I don’t have that in my mind right now,” he said. “But if it’s God’s will, you know, it will be done. If I go into politics, I believe that I can serve more. I can help more people.”

The fighter is rumoured to have lost a lot of money to gambling, but he insists those days are now behind him after religion transformed his life.

“God has a purpose,” Pacquiao told Fox News Sunday. “He bring me back into his kingdom to use me to glorify his name, to let the people know there is a God who can raise the people from nothing into something.

“I want to have friends around me and drinking and have girls beside me and of course gambling.

“I hate to do that anymore. My heart is one to read the Bible, one to obey God and that’s my heart. That’s how God changed my life.

“It’s a different feeling when you have Jesus in your life, when you have God in your life. Like the thing in this world is not important to your heart. The most important thing is God in your heart.”

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