THE rot set in for the USA boxing team at these Olympics. One of their team captains, Jamel Herring, 64 kgs, fell 19-9 to Daniyar Yeleussinov.

The Kazakh grew in strength throughout the first round, catching Jamel with his southpaw right hook, driving a rear left after it. Herring began to look ragged, he needed to find a surge of energy as he dropped behind on the scoreboard. But Yeleussinov, moving well from his wide stance, found the mark with his long arms, screwing in an uppercut before ducking Herring and cantering clear.

Jamel, a US Marine, was left trotting after him, lobbing a one-two but it proved all to no avail.

“I fought hard,” Herring said. “I know in my heart I did the best I could. A lot of great champions had losses and they came back. Why can’t I? I’m just proud to say I’m an Olympian. I’ll be an Olympian forever.”

Excellent light-welter Roniel Iglesias scored a comprehensive victory over Colombia’s Cesar Villarraga. The Cuban southpaw kept it tight but fired little hooks and uppercuts through to the Colombian’s chin. He let Villarraga come on to him, absorbing shots with his guard and always striking back. Iglesias may have let a few slip through in the last round but was a clear 20-9 winner.

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