A unification clash between IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook and WBO titlist Jessie Vargas looks probable for September 3 in Sheffield.

Promoter Eddie Hearn wants to make it an open-air stadium fight. “We’re waiting for the fixture list from Sheffield United because I want to do it outdoors. September 3 is probably the preferred date but we don’t know if they’re home or away. So I can’t make a decision until we see the fixture list,” he said.

But the fight is going to happen. “The deal is pretty much done. There’s a few small things like international TV and stuff like that. As you see Vargas has already announced the fight, when he says he’s signed the contract what that means is Top Rank will do an agreement with Vargas for the fight and we’ll do an agreement with Top Rank, that agreement [with Top Rank] is not signed yet, we’re still finalising it but he’s signed his end. Remember when Amir Khan said I’ve signed the Pacquiao fight, he hadn’t signed the contract he’d just agreed to what was put forward in the deal. I’m almost certain Brook will fight Vargas next,” Hearn explained.

“Vargas is 100% in the bag, it’s just a case of finalising a few territories, who gets what on the international TV. It’s a great fight. Vargas is dangerous. Brook in my opinion has got too much for everyone in the division. But you’ve got a young hungry world champion… He will come and try to knock Kell Brook out. I think if Brook wins, I already feel like he’s the number one in the division, but if he beats Vargas, and I’m not saying Vargas is number two but he is a world champion and Brook will have two belts, [then] Brook is the number one in the division. “

Hearn is keen for Kell to accomplish more at welterweight before moving up a division. “If Brook got beat by Vargas I could get him fights easily. He’s undefeated and people know how good he is. It’s not just me saying it. People in the industry know how good Kell Brook is. We got on to Cotto’s people, Canelo’s people, why would they want to fight Kell Brook? What would Kell Brook do to Cotto at 154lbs? In my opinion he’d batter him. Canelo’s a tough fight, he’s a young fresh fighter. Eventually at 154lbs, Kell is going to be a serious animal. But we haven’t done anywhere near what we want to do at 147lbs,” Hearn said. “Let’s unify against Vargas, then let’s fight [Danny] Garcia maybe for all the belts, that’s something and then move up.

“Move to 154 for what? The only way we’ll move to 154 is for Canelo or Cotto basically and then we’ll move there when we’ve achieved what we wanted to achieve at 147.”