AFTER being stabbed in the leg earlier this year, IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook has resumed training. “I’m back in the gym now, the leg’s not an issue,” Brook told Boxing News. I’m back sparring, boxing, running, swimming doing everything.”

He expects to fight next on March 7 2015 at the Sheffield arena. His opponent is yet to be confirmed. It could be a mandatory defence but Brook suggested, “It could be [Juan Manuel] Marquez. The cogs are turning if they can sort something out. Anything’s possible. That would be a dream fight.”

Brook will be an interested observer of Amir Khan versus Devon Alexander on Saturday, especially as he’d like to take on Khan in a major British fight later this year. “Whatever you think of me and Khan, I do want him to win this fight because it’s England versus America. I do want him to win it, even if we don’t fight each other. Let’s say he does come through it and he doesn’t get the Mayweather fight, the next massive fight is me. So let’s see,” Kell said. “It’s a massive fight. It’s going to be the most money he’s ever had in a fight. I am known. I’m a world champion. Everyone in Britain knows who I am. [Like] with Groves-Froch, you don’t need to go overseas to bring money in. The numbers brought in for that fight were massive. I did go to America and fight so once they know there’s that needle between me and him and they’ve seen me fight one of their guys in Porter, there will be interest in that there.

“He’s coming out with every excuse in the book. Bottom line is we need to do it.”

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