EVER since I turned pro I had my eye fixed on two opponents, one was Delfine Persoon and the other one was Amanda Serrano. So I’ve been wanting this fight for a long, long time. I’ve only wanted to be involved in the toughest fights and very hard fights. I’ve wanted this one from the get go.

She obviously has an amazing record as well, she’s done amazing things for women’s sport. This is being dubbed as the biggest fight in female boxing history and rightly so.

It’s funny how when I fought Cindy Serrano, her sister, back then in 2018 with a view to fighting Amanda next. It is coming a few years later. It’s finally here and it’s bigger than it ever was.

I think there’s going to be a huge Irish crowd there. The couple of times I did box at Madison Square Garden, the Irish were brilliant, very, very loud. I’d seen Irish flags around the stadium. I’m obviously expecting the same on April 30. It’s interesting how both of us proudly represent small countries that punch way above their weight in the ring. She’s obviously standing on the heritage of the likes of Miguel Cotto and Tito Trinidad and I’m standing on the heritage of the likes of Wayne McCullough and Barry McGuigan, Steve Collins, Carl Frampton, these kind of guys. We bring that heritage and pride to a fight like this. I feel like we’ll have our whole nations behind us.

Hopefully the atmosphere is going to be electric on April 30. It’s Ireland versus Puerto Rico, two huge boxing countries, so special.

I do genuinely believe this is the best fight in boxing right now. The most exciting fight in the sport.

I think this is genuinely the most exciting fight in that we both believe we’re going to win the fight. It’s going to be such an exciting fight.
The relationship between us is very professional. There’s no trash talking between us. I’m not going to start trash talking – because I’m very, very bad at it. So we’re very, very respectful. We’re just looking forward to making history.

I’m obviously expecting the toughest fight of my career and preparing for that but I know that I won’t be found short on grit and I know that I won’t be found short on heart. I know that my mind can take me places that I have no right to go. Because I’ve been there before, in the gym and on big nights, and the whole world has seen me doing it. I don’t think anybody’s ever asked the question, ‘Does Katie have what it takes to go to that place when the fight is in the trenches?’ That question has been answered. I’m not sure if Amanda has answered that question and I think her legacy will depend on the answer to that question. I guess we’ll find out on April 30.

I have followed the story of boxing not currently being on the Olympic programme for 2028. I am very upset and sad about that. It’s one of the core sports. I remember when wrestling went out, a few Olympics back, and I was incredibly disappointed at that as well. Wrestling and boxing are a couple of the core sports. It’s crazy to think that amateur boxing won’t be involved. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Hopefully it will be there.
The Olympics is the biggest event in sport. The biggest privilege you can have is to represent your country in the Olympic Games. For amateur boxers not to have that opportunity is very, very sad.