Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall came face-to-face once again in Edinburgh on Monday (February 19), this time to announce their April 27 super-lightweight rematch (to be shown live on ESPN+ in America). Today (February 20), meanwhile, the fighters are due to be in Manchester for the second and final press conference ahead of going into their respective training camps.

Boxing News caught up with Taylor as he travelled to England. The Top Rank fighter spoke about the first presser, going back to 140lbs, and why he has so far chosen not to have children.

Interview by Shaun Brown

BN: Did you enjoy yesterday?

JT: Aye, it was great. I was nice and relaxed; took it as it comes. Let them dafties do the talking. I don’t think Jack’s got two brain cells to rub together. Sam [Jones] (Catterall’s manager) was constantly telling him what to say. It’s almost like he can’t think for himself or know what to say. It’s quite easy just to wind him up. It’s quite easy for me to chill out and relax because the two of them are quite dumb.

BN: Did you expect there to be a physical confrontation at the end?

JT: That’s the second time he’s done that. The first time he tried it at the weigh-in (for the first fight) and he tried it there yesterday and he shipped a little left hook. Eddie’s tit caught half of it (laughs). If his arm hadn’t got in the way, then it would have landed on his chin, and something might have happened. The fight might have been off, maybe it would’ve hurt him, maybe I would’ve hurt my hand. That just goes to show the brains that the guy’s got. He’s just not very clever, he’s not the fizziest juice in the fridge.

BN: Is the fight definitely at 140lbs?

JT: Yeah, it’s at 140. I was the one that requested 140 due to the fact everybody’s saying it should be at 140 blah blah blah. I’m like, “Right okay it’s at 140.” And then that way if he wins, he can get a world title shot but he ain’t gonna win. I gave him that. I gave him the neutral ground as well in Leeds. So, there we go. He’s got nothing to moan about when I beat him again.

BN: Are you quite happy to go back to that weight?

JT: I’m absolutely fine with it. The best time that I ever made the weight was in New York and I made the weight a piece of cake. I felt great and started the fight well, but it was my legs that faded. There were reasons why my legs faded due to the previous injury. I couldn’t prepare properly. But I’m not using that as an excuse. The guy beat me on the night and that’s it but I made the weight fine and that’s why I know I can do this weight. But I know he [Catterall] struggles at the weight. I know he failed the weight the last time against [Jorge] Linares, and I know he failed the weight against [Darragh] Foley as well. I know he struggles.

BN: Do you see this as a crossroads fight?

JT: I’ve not had the best of performances in my last two fights. I have to put on a good performance here to put myself back in the championship picture. I need to put on a good performance; even just having a good fight. But really, I need to win the fight and so does he. If he loses again, where’s he gonna go? His career-best fight was against me, and he lost. He’s not very popular, he doesn’t sell any tickets, there was about 40 people at his last fight in Liverpool. He ain’t got the character or charisma to charm folk or like him or hate him because he’s so boring and dull and dense. So, he ain’t got nowhere to go once I beat him again.

BN: After everything you’ve achieved in the sport, have you thought about life after boxing?

JT: I’ve been sort of thinking about it for a little while but it’s not at the forefront of my mind. I’m 33 now and I haven’t had any kids. I’m starting to think about having kids. I’ve been away for so long. If I had kids when I was 24-25, I’d miss them growing up and I don’t think I’d be able to take that very well or handle that very well because I’m very much a family person. I’ve been away from home basically all my adult life. When I have kids I want to enjoy it and see them growing up.

BN: How do you see Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia going?

JT: I just think Devin Haney’s got the better boxing skills and the better boxing brain and looks like he punches a little bit harder as well. Garcia’s good, he’s got the speed and things like that. I don’t think he’s quite got the boxing IQ and I thought he quit a little bit against Gervonta Davis. I thought he swallowed it and took the easy route.

BN: With what happened in your first fight against Catterall, and what happened afterwards, are you looking to make a bit of a statement on April 27?

JT: If I perform the way I’ve been performing in the gym and turn up on the night and he comes and does what he says he will – he’s so clumsy in his game, his offence – he’ll be getting taken out on a stretcher.