OHARA DAVIES and Josh Taylor announced their July 8 clash at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow.

Davies has been outspoken about Taylor in the recent past but he remained calm when the two met at a press conference in Glasgow on Tuesday (May 30). “I’ve sold myself. Everyone knows about me now,” Ohara shrugged. “There is no bad blood.”

Taylor, the Commonwealth super-lightweight champion, hasn’t forgotten the sleights. “I think he’s far too slow,” Josh said. “He leaves his chin in the air, he’s going to get taken out. He’s been calling me out a number of times, calling me this, calling me that, but … the guy’s done nothing in boxing. It’s a relatively straightforward fight for me.”

Davies is adamant the victor of this fight will be the second best British 140lbs fighter after Ricky Burns, Ohara’s stablemate. “The winner of this fight will take the second place slot behind Ricky Burns,” Davies said.

“I know that he’s not a bum. If he was a bum then we wouldn’t be fighting the main event on this big show. He’s a good fighter but that’s what I’m in the game for. I’m not in this game to fight people that can’t fight. I’m going to take the best fights because I’ve got a fighter’s heart and I’ve got a fighter’s mindset.”