IN a surreal press conference Joseph Parker, the WBO heavyweight titlist, attempted to position himself for a shot at Anthony Joshua by listing the times the IBF and WBA champion has been dropped or wobbled, while insisting he won’t accept anything less 35% of the proceeds of a potential unification.

His promoter David Higgins declared, “Kids around the world dream of becoming heavyweight champion so they can set up their family for life.”

“If a mandatory is 30%, what’s a global unification? It’s got to be worth 35% for us because it’s an intercontinental event that will only happen once every 10 years,” he continued. “The onus is now on Eddie Hearn and Anthony Joshua to back up their words.

“Even at 35% they’re going to make more money unifying so there are no excuses.”

These pronouncement do not bode well for negotiations. But Higgins went on to talk up his man’s chances, claiming that “Parker has a granite chin whereas Joshua may possibly have a glass jaw. Joshua’s been dropped numerous times, dropped as an amateur dropped in sparring, dropped in the ring.”

He added, “In contrast Joseph Parker has a granite chin. Joseph Parker has never been dropped.”

To emphasise their point Higgins are offering a £20,000 bounty to anyone who finds footage of Joseph Parker being dropped.

Joseph Parker

“The only thing that’s disrespectful is Hearn and Joshua’s low ball offer to Joseph Parker,” the New Zealander’s promoter said.

“We want the opportunity to test your chin so much that we’ll let you keep 65% of the profit, even though it’s an intercontinental unification. You have no excuses, show Parker some respect, let’s make the fight.”