JOE Goossen says he was not shocked to be told he would no longer be working with Ryan Garcia following the defeat to Gervonta Davis.

A left hook to Garcia’s liver in the seventh round ended the pay-per-view fight as well as his unbeaten record and working relationship with Goossen.

The two men were in their third fight together but had already known one another since Garcia was a teenager.

Speaking to Dan Rafael on the Big Fight Weekend podcast Goossen said he received a call from Garcia the day after the loss to Davis.

“We were both aware what the outcome of this situation was going to be. I was aware of it. It was not a shock to me. Of course, if things had turned out differently, we’d be singing a different tune right now.

“When Ryan called me Sunday night we had a very pleasant talk, trust me. There was no animosity, no harsh words. If anything, there was a lot of things that we didn’t have to say. I pretty much understand him, and he understands me and he understands how he can talk to me.”

Goossen was appreciative that it was the fighter himself who made contact rather than a third party. And even though they will no longer be trainer and fighter their long-term friendship remains intact.

“I will always be friends with Ryan. I had Ryan when he was 17 years old at my gym. I’m the one who encouraged him to turn pro before he was 18. Ryan and I will always be friends, always be friendly, always [have] a personal connection to each other and I cherish that. Ryan is a very special kid. He’s really bright, he appeals to a lot of my senses and he’s a tremendous fighter and athlete.”

The ending to the fight prompted many comments from fans and fighters that Garcia had quit. Goossen, one of boxing’s most experienced cornermen, shot down such accusations and brought up a similar ending to a fight he was involved in when Michael Nunn beat Frank Tate in July 1988.

“Frank Tate won the [Olympic] gold medal in 1984. We went up against him for the IBF [middleweight] world title. Mike Nunn hit Frank Tate with a liver shot (in round eight). Frank Tate did not get up. He tried at nine, he finally got counted out by Mills Lane. How could you ever imagine a two-division world champion, gold medal winner quitting. These liver shots are debilitating. No matter what your mind says the body says no way it’s not happening.

“If Ryan could have continued, he would have. He’s got more determination and heart for 10 good people. If he could have got up, he would have.”

Goossen believes that the Davis fight will spur Garcia on and see the 23-year-old become a bigger success.

“I think this is something that is going to drive him to greater heights. I think he can go on a winning streak and reclaim all the territory he may have lost and go on to a championship maybe even at 140. He’s a welterweight in waiting.”