Why: This is just a nice, quality jab. The jab is the most important punch in a fight; it’s a good scoring shot, judges can see it clearly landing when the head goes back, and everything else comes off the jab. With the length of my arms, if I get full extension the opponent is well out of range.

How: Make sure your wrist is turned over and turn your front foot forward as well when you throw the jab, so your heel is almost parallel with your toes; this adds extension and weight behind the shot. It’s important to get full extension on the shot, giving you added distance.

In Practice: – Round 1 v Mohamed Hikal (Egypt) 13-4

I was the first one out of the group to fight so I had a lot of pressure on me. After the first round I was down, but I kept my cool and waited. It was all long shots, even the hooks, not really any body shots, simple stuff. A good jab was key, especially as he was a southpaw like me.

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