JOSH TAYLOR has explained to Boxing News the reasons behind postponing his rematch against Jack Catterall.

On Thursday (March 14) it was announced in a press release that Taylor had suffered an injury in training which resulted in the fight being moved from April 27 at the First Direct Arena in Leeds to May 25 at the same venue.

Having waited over two years for one of the most anticipated all-British rematches this century fans will have to sit tight for another four weeks until they see the two bitter rivals lock horns once again.

Last night in Birmingham Taylor told BN he is not pulling out of the rematch against Catterall and that this is nothing more than a small inconvenience.

“It’s only been delayed four weeks it’s not as if it’s been postponed or I’m pulling out or anything like that,” Taylor said.

“I had a slight procedure in my eyes early February. It was a couple of days before the pressers actually which explains why I was looking so puffy. I’d been to a couple of check-ups and my recovery was going well and we’re full steam ahead in training as well,” he added.

Taylor continued, “I went to my final check-up on Monday (March 11) and the doctor was like the pressure in behind your eyes has went back up again so I’d advise you to put the fight back a little bit to allow it to come back down.

“It’s nothing serious, it’s no injury, nothing like that. It was a bit of a kick in the balls because I was expecting to get it all signed off, but it wasn’t to be. You’ve got to listen to medical professionals especially when it’s as something as precious as your eyes. I ain’t fucking around with it. That’s where we are. As I said before it’s not as if it’s six months or a year later it’s only four weeks. It’s only an inconvenience and I’d like to apologise to everyone who has booked hotels and tickets and travel. But I’ve got to listen to the medical professionals on this one.”