Mike Costello
BBC commentator
Dubois will rightly start favourite but Joyce could be difficult to shift and his win against Bryant Jennings is better than anything on Dubois’ record. Dubois handled the build-up to the Gorman fight well and from my experience last week, he’s becoming more adept at dealing with the media, a key factor.

Wayne Alexander
Former EBU champion
I would have to slightly favour Dubois, mainly because of his punching power. I think Dubois will draw Joyce into a war and could catch him and stop him inside the first four rounds. But Joyce was a world class amateur and has the experience to take Dubois into the trenches. If it goes past nine, Joyce has a real chance.

Stefy Bull
Trainer, promoter & former Area champ
A great fight and, at the moment, I’d have to go with Joyce. As good as Dubois is looking at the moment he’s not been tested at the top level. You can’t say that about Joyce. He was a world class amateur, he won an Olympic silver medal and he’s fought at a much higher level than Dubois as a professional.

Gareth A. Davies
Combat sports journalist

Dubois is the clear favourite. I believe he will be under instruction to box as he did against Gorman, starting behind that jab. But Joyce is explosive and he is likely to trade. It is a thrilling prospect, and if they are both still there after four or five rounds, Joyce may have told us something very significant.

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