VIRGIL HUNTER, trainer of Andre Berto, has played down the grudge that has been reported between his fighter and Saturday’s opponent, Floyd Mayweather.

It has been suggested that the old pals fell out over a girl but the trainer believes all that will be forgotten once their fight is over, and the mutual hatred that has been reported has been blown out of proportion.

“Hate is a very strong word,” Hunter explained. “There has to be something wrong with you to hate someone unless they killed a loved one, or they’ve stole your life savings.

“It takes a brutal set of ingredients for us as human beings to hate another and that’s not the case here.

“If after the fight Berto was the end up broke and needed $100, I have no doubt that Mayweather would give him $1,000.

“There’s a mutual respect among fighters because in their fraternity they know what they have to go through. They know it’s a long and lonely sport at its roots.”