Benefits of the Landmine Punch Throw

  • Landmine punches are used to develop hand speed, strength and effective mass. The throw increases the emphasis on hand speed as boxers are encouraged to accelerate all the way through the exercise by letting go of the bar at the end range.
  • Promotes a forceful hip and core rotation, which important transferring force generated from floor to the hips and through to the core.
  • The quick transition between catching the bar and repeating the next punch develops the stretch-shortening cycle of the core, lats and leg muscles. The stretch-shortening cycle acts as a catapult, the more effective we can use this pre-stretch the more forceful our punches can be. This makes it really important in combination punching.

Top Tips

  • Start with a light load. A 20 kg bar will do the trick, then increase by 5 kg each time.
  • Switch your stance so you always perform backhand punches, this helps a boxer get more rotation in his jab punches.
  • The landmine punch throw is great for the coach to engage in the exercise too, catch the bar and return as quickly as possible.
  • Can use a light loaded exercise back exercise such as suspension rows to activate the lats.

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Danny Wilson is a strength and conditioning coach at Sheffield Hallam University and the co-founder of