FOR me Canelo Alvarez is the best fighter in the planet and I might just say he is the greatest fighter of all time. 

I’ve been studying Canelo’s knockouts. I honestly think he would have beaten the likes of Sugar Ray Lenard, Roberto Duran etc. and if he fought Floyd Mayweather a few years later he would have taken the win then too. 

Now I know me saying this may get under a few people’s skin, but it’s what I believe. I’ve been heavily around boxing since 1995, I had 106 fights, won an Olympic medal and I’ve really studied the sport. Canelo has also boxed and beaten four of my friends: Amir Khan, Liam and Callum Smith, as well as my Olympic team-mate Billy Joe Saunders  so I think I’m qualified to have an opinion on this. 

When I broke down Canelo’s KOs on this video below, it really made me realise just how high his boxing IQ was. 

When really studying him, I noticed he will spend rounds to set up a knockout, to get the opponent thinking he will do one thing then do another thing. His punch variation is second to none. He throws every combination possible in the book, and not in the book, which again makes his opponents no clue what he’s going to be doing. 

After your watch this video, I think you will agree with me, that he won’t have a problem this weekend against another top fighter in Caleb Plant. 

Click HERE to watch video.