LIGHT-HEAVYWEIGHT boxer Hasan Karkardi and fledgling trainer Liam Wilkins have been suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control following the sparring incident which saw Nick Blackwell readmitted into hospital.

In March, Blackwell’s boxing career ended when he was induced into a coma following his loss to Chris Eubank Jnr due to a bleed on his skull.

Last week it emerged the Trowbridge warrior had taken part in an illicit sparring session which resulted in him being hospitalised again and undergoing a procedure.

The Board have confirmed to Boxing News that Karkardi was the boxer Blackwell sparred with, while Wilkins was present at Devizes Amateur Boxing Club, overseeing the four-round session.

Karkardi and Wilkins were suspended immediately and must attend a Board hearing in January. Two other unidentified licenced boxers were also present in the gym though were not involved in the sparring, and they have been called to give evidence.

Karkardi escaped from his native Iran in 2012 to seek asylum in the UK, originally living in North London before moving to Bristol. In 2014 he was charged with sexual assault on a young woman, though the jury could not reach a verdict. He denied the charges.

He was scheduled to fight Chris Hobbs this weekend for the vacant Southern Area title, though that bout has been pulled given these recent revelations.

Wilkins, just 21, was only granted his trainer’s licence in February of this year.

Blackwell’s condition is still being closely monitored by doctors after initially being sedated following the sparring incident.

He had fully recovered from the injuries he suffered against Eubank Jnr, though it was made clear he would never be allowed to box – or spar – again due to the danger of causing more damage.

The 26-year-old had ambitions of remaining in boxing as a trainer following his retirement and had gained his licence from the Board earlier in the year.

Boxing News reached out to Devizes ABC for comment but was unable to get a response.