Gary Lockett (Trainer)

I’d love to see Ryan Garcia do it. I don’t like some of Devin Haney’s comments. He’s brash and arrogant. But I do think Haney is the closest thing I’ve seen to [Floyd] Mayweather. He fights very much like him. He’s got that shoulder roll style, not the biggest puncher but he’s very accurate and doesn’t waste a lot of shots. I think he’ll probably out-box Ryan Garcia down the stretch.

Gary Logan (Trainer)

Devin Haney all day. He’s a better all-round boxer than Garcia has shown. Ryan’s got more than decent power, but he’s got nothing to negate Devin’s skill and work ethic. I give Garcia a puncher’s chance against Haney. If he hits him, he’ll have Haney in trouble, but I just don’t see him setting the traps. To beat Haney, you’ve got to be very clever and he’s not at that level.

Jamie Conlan (Promoter)

Devin Haney puts on a masterclass and out-boxes Ryan Garcia to a points decision with maybe one knockdown late in the fight. It just doesn’t look like Garcia is mentally in the right frame of mind to fight. Prior to what we’ve been seeing from him online I gave Garcia a chance. I think he matches Haney in speed but the footspeed is the key to the fight for Haney and his evasiveness.

Andy Lee (Trainer)

Devin Haney has the better fundamentals and while Ryan Garcia’s definitely taking it seriously, I’m not sure how serious if you can believe social media. Garcia has that quick speed and could surprise Haney with it. You can never count Garcia out, he’s tall and counter punches well especially with the left hook. I probably just favour Haney because of his fundamentals, and he’s got the momentum with him.