1) Carl Froch

Without doubt Kessler’s finest win, this 2010 humbling of Froch saw Kessler nullify the Nottingham man for most of the 12 rounds they shared before delivering him the first loss of his professional career. It was a defeat Froch then later avenged, of course.

2) Markus Beyer

Although Beyer was fairly long in the tooth by the time Kessler got hold of him in 2006, a third-round stoppage of the German southpaw remains a noteworthy scalp. It also allowed Kessler to add Beyer’s WBC belt to the WBA one he already held.

3) Librado Andrade

Before facing Joe Calzaghe in 2007, Kessler defended his WBA and WBC super-middleweight belts against Mexico’s Andrade that same year in Copenhagen. It proved to be a fight Kessler would win with ease, taking every single one of the rounds on all three of the judges’ scorecards.

4) Anthony Mundine

Divisive Australian Mundine, a former rugby league star who then excelled as a prizefighter, managed to take Kessler the distance when they met in Sydney in 2012. He didn’t win many of the rounds they shared, no, but, in light of Kessler’s power, it was a notable achievement nevertheless.

5) Eric Lucas

Canadian warhorse Eric Lucas, a former world champion in his own right, was beaten up and broken down by Kessler in a WBA super-middleweight title fight in 2006. He battled bravely, of course, but was ultimately stopped in the 10th round.

6) Manny Siaca

It was in 2004 that Kessler won his first world title – a WBA super-middleweight belt – and it was against Puerto Rico’s Manny Siaca this title was won. Siaca, no match for a young and hungry Kessler, was forced to retire on his stool after seven rounds.

7) Allan Green

In 2012, Kessler moved up to light-heavyweight, where his first opponent was to be American Allan Green. To beat Green, which he did inside four rounds, Kessler would have to drag himself off the floor after being decked by a right hand in the first.

8) Dimitri Sartison

Unbeaten at 22-0, Germany’s Sartison was the first opponent Kessler faced after being defeated by Joe Calzaghe in 2007. They met the following year, Kessler and Sartison, and Kessler finished matters in the 12th round, having dominated up to that point.

9) Brian Magee

In what was to end up being Kessler’s last victory as a pro, he got to grips rather easily with Magee in 2012, wreaking havoc with body shots before stopping the Irishman in just three rounds.

10) Dingaan Thobela

Even if well past his best by the time he shared a ring with Kessler in 2002, South Africa’s Thobela, a former world champion, represented the first big-name opponent Kessler had faced as a pro. He was, as expected, no match for Kessler on the night, yet still managed to go the full 12 rounds.