1. Manage training load appropriately
Reduce training intensity/duration and frequency during the initial one-two weeks of resuming training. For example, reduce the amount of intervals you undertake in your high-intensity runs (e.g. as opposed to eight 800m efforts, begin with four) and keep strength sessions to three per week maximum.

2. Put natural food first
Adopt a ‘food first’ principle and avoid the use of liquid supplements/meal replacements. Such products often lack key vitamins, minerals and fibre. Work on the basis of fruit as snacks (e.g. berries/oranges) and green-based vegetables with lunch and dinner (broccoli, spinach, kale, green beans). Making blended juices (with devices such as the Nutribullet) provide a highly practical way to provide a quick hit of vegetables and fruits.

3. Avoid drastic reductions in carbohydrate intake
Although reducing carbohydrate intake can facilitate fat loss, we still need sufficient energy to support training. Work on the principle of reducing simple sugars but ensuring carbohydrate from sources such as oats, basmati rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, fruits and vegetables. Ensure carbohydrate intake at least two-three hours before every training session.

4. Increase daily protein intake
To support recovery from training, ensuring sufficient daily protein intake is a must. Important things to remember are breakfast (three scrambled or poached eggs is a good choice), to consume a whey protein drink after training if protein food is not available and to also consume protein prior to bed to support overnight recovery. Low-fat Greek yoghurt with some almonds/strawberries blended together provides a simple but effective bed-time snack.

5. Avoid dehydration
Ensure sufficient fluid intake during every session by aiming for at least 500ml of an electrolyte drink. The Science in Sport GO Hydro capsules provide enough electrolytes to support appropriate hydration during training.

6. Ensure sufficient sleep
Last but not least is to aim for at least eight hours sleep per night. Sleep is the most overlooked but one of the most important aspects of recovery. Get into a good routine of going to bed at the same time each day and winding down for 30-60 minutes before bed by avoiding television and computers etc.

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