GENNADY GOLOVKIN has brought in a new trainer.

After a shock split from Abel Sanchez, the stalwart previously in his corner, Golovkin had brought in Johnathon Banks as his new trainer.

Banks is only 36 years, slightly younger than Golovkin in fact. He was formerly a heavyweight contender and progressed as a part of Wladimir Klitschko’s camp. Banks was the heir to Emanuel Steward, the late, great boxing coach, and took over as Klitschko’s trainer.

“First of all he is young, he has good experience. I like old school. His second father is Emanuel Steward. I respect this school. I believe in him,” Golovkin explained. “I knew him before. I’ve watched a lot of fights, he has good experience with old guys… I like his school.”

It is an interesting decision, especially as Wladimir was known for well-measured but at times cautious even defensive style, whereas Golovkin in contrast is famous for the aggressive pressure he unleashes.

Nor do they have much time to gel. Golovkin has been working with Banks for just two weeks and his next fight, against Steve Rolls, looms on June 8.

“For the next step, for the next fight I don’t have a lot of time,” Golovkin admitted but added, “This is exactly what I need.”

“I’m very excited, absolutely. I have new blood, new ideas, new emotions,” he continued. “I want more, I want to learn again and again. I’m a big boxing fan… I need to go forward. I feel young [and] I need more experience.”

He is planning the end of his career, expecting no more than six fights and to see out his contract with new broadcaster DAZN. It means each contest is vital. There is pressure therefore on them both.

Gennady Golovkin

But Banks said, “It’s a pleasure to be able to work with the best middleweight in the world ‘GGG’ and I look forward to getting him back to his titles.”

At this late stage of Golovkin’s career, Banks is adamant that changes can still be made. The fight against Steve Rolls next month will be the first test of that.

“Mainly I see the hunger. I see the passion. With those two things there’s energy that comes along with that,” his new trainer insisted. “As far as I’m concerned the age is irrelevant.”