PROMOTER Frank Warren has been an observer of the World Boxing Super Series this year and has been impressed, to a degree, by the cruiserweight version.

“For me the cruiserweights have been quite exciting, they’ve been quite good. But if they all walked in this restaurant together, everyone would think it was four club doormen going to have a drink, no one would know who they are,” he said.

Although the event featured George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr, he was more scathing about the super-middleweight WBSS. “Regarding the other fights. I’ll just say how it is, you knew that Groves-Eubank was going to be highly publicised but [Jamie] Cox against Groves, there was only going to be one winner. George asked for Eubank to be in his [draw], he knew he fancied that fight. Callum Smith fought the guy from Sweden [Erik Skoglund] they’re not the greatest fighters in the world,” Warren said.

george groves beats chris eubank

“On paper it’s a good series of fights but they’re not the best fighters out there and at the end of the day we’ve seen a WBA title fight. Everybody went massively overboard leading into [Groves-Eubank] when over the years the fights that I’ve seen in the division have been real good quality operators and I don’t think Chris Eubank Jr is a good quality operator. As it turned out. In my preview in the Star, I said what it was. It’s exactly how it turned out. He’s easy to hit. He’s got a good engine, he’s not a big puncher. So he’s not even got a get out of jail card. Trains himself, is flawed, badly flawed as a fighter. He’s got an idiot looking after him in his father and you’ve got George Groves, who’s a bigger guy, can jab. Although we’ve seen him exposed a couple of times. The public got what it was, but some of the press… It got press that I’ve not seen and I don’t think it warranted it. I don’t think the fight warranted that.”