FRANK BUGLIONI has retired. The exciting Enfield fighter is a former British champion who has previously challenged for a world title. His most recent bout, against Fanlong Meng in Monaco on Saturday, ended in defeat after he suffered a cut.

“I thought I’m in a great place mentally and physically. I’ve loved the sport of boxing and if I retire from it now then nothing changes,” he told Boxing News.

Buglioni is only 29 years old. “The cuts were becoming a little bit more frequent and a little bit more severe each time and they weren’t healing as quickly. I thought that’s a sign,” Frank said. “If the cuts are taking a little bit longer on your face it’s a sign of what may be happening internally. I took notice and I decided to draw a line in the sand. That’s enough for me.”

For him the Fanlong Meng fight was make or break. “It was a fight I certainly felt I could have won and I’m sure if the cut hadn’t have happened, it was coming into my style of fight. I’ve got no qualms no regrets,” he said. “I’ve achieved a hell of lot in sport, won the British title and fought some great names, beat some good fighters… I’ve loved my journey. I’m fortunate be in a position where I can pick up where I left off before I started professional boxing, go back to building surveying and working in the construction industry.”

Frank Buglioni

“Boxing has taught me so much about structuring my life and being organised. I’ll just apply that to the work,” he adds. “I made sure I stuck with my university and my education while I was training.

“I’m privileged to walking away in full health with everything intact and all my faculties about me and still having a love for the sport.”