FLOYD MAYWEATHER vows to retire from boxing for good after fighting Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on August 26.

The undefeated 40-year-old, who has not fought since as 2015 drubbing of Andre Berto, will be looking to extend his record to 50-0 against the Irishman, who will be making his professional boxing debut.

Having previously ‘retired’ in 2007, Mayweather also declared he would never fight again after beating Berto, but has brought himself off the sidelines to meet McGregor in an event that looks set to generate records amount of money.

“I thought Andre Berto was going to be the last weigh-in, the last training camp,” the American said. “Honestly speaking, I thought that was going to be my last everything.

“But you never know what can happen. Now we’re here for this big event.”

“This is my last one, ladies and gentlemen. I gave my word to [advisor] Al Haymon, I gave my word to my children, and one thing I don’t want to do is break that.

Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor press conference

“I gave Haymon my word, I gave my children my word. I’m going to stick to my word. This will be my last fight.”

Aside from boxing, Mayweather has numerous business interests to make yet more money and also intends to spend more time with his family.

“My real estate portfolio is truly amazing; that’s a huge part of my life. My children are going to college – that’s going to take up a lot of my time, because education is extremely important in my home,” he declared.

“I’ve got businesses started so both my children and children’s children can take over from there.”

Floyd has previously insisted that UFC star McGregor holds several advantages over him, including youth, size and strength. However, according to ‘Money’, one area the Irishman cannot match him in is experience.

“I still have a high IQ in that ring, and experience-wise, [this fight] leans towards me. Most times when I go out there and compete against any fighter, experience will always lean towards me, because I’ve been in that ring and competed at such a high level for so long.”